Sunday, September 17, 2006

ah, madison…(and beyond)

Walk to market, note the dominance of the fall colors… take in the cultural heritage of this city (it is vast!)… Hmong farmers are an important presence… A Chinese cultural celebration occupies a corner of the Square… a Mexican-American parade of cars leads up to the Capitol…

The annual Food for Thought Festival, just down the block from the market, celebrates south-central Wisconsin’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. Regional, preferably organic…

Okay, so you need a breath of fresh air after all this – head for the countryside, it’s only a few minutes away…

And then come back to the pleasure of bistro food at Le Chardonnay, where a bottle of chardonnay will chill you out after the "stress" of a warm September Saturday in this town.

Told in photos, below.

september 06 161
putting out the onions

september 06 129
farmer's daughter

september 06 182
bag for the green peppers

september 06 165
September berries

september 06 135
a celebration of Chinese culture

september 06 138
boy dances

september 06 201
Mexican pride: a parade of cars

september 06 204
and flags

september 06 175
Food for Thought Festival: fried cheese

september 06 178
and mango lemon ice

september 06 214
corn field, birds and old wind pumps

september 06 220
hazy blue and shades of green

september 06 228
yes, the middle of September

september 06 240
chardonnay at le Chardonnay