Wednesday, October 11, 2006

odd tidbits and unexpected utterances

[Prologue: A little over a year ago I had a moving sale. A total hell. So awful was it, that I refuse to even have recurrent nightmares about it, in the way that I do about being unprepared for exams, for example. And so when a friend said -- I have an old wooden desk to get rid of, I did not immediately recommend the garage sale. Sell it on ebay or give it to St. Vinnies -- would be my inclination. Ever on top of Internetty things, he put the desk up on Craig’s List.]

People now sell junk on Craig’s?
There’s a whole section with just furniture.
I thought the desk was a piece of junk.
I listed it at $35. No one has even called to inquire about it.
It's ratty and old.
You know that and I know that, but if I list it for less, people will think it’s a piece of junk.
It is a piece of junk. It’s not worth $35.
Right. And so when they come over to look at it, I’ll accept $15.
Why don’t you just put it out on the curb with a sign saying FREE.
I couldn’t do that. It’s embarrassing.
I have seen you appear in restaurants with torn shorts and ratty t-shirts. But you think putting out a desk on the curb is embarrassing?
I have a German friend who told me in Germany they would never even contemplate garage sales because it puts on display your private life, with all those knick knacks and lotion jars for 50 cents...
This is America, everyone does curb-side sales!

I sort of can’t believe I said that. I am advocating apple pie and garage sales.

I stop at Borders and contemplate purchasing Ann Tyler’s most recent novel about a family where the woman, after some thirty years of living in America, still has trouble viewing herself as American. My kind of story.

But today I am wondering if something has shifted within. You have to wonder about a person who advocates apple pies and garage sales. I mean, what have I said on behalf of Poland here in recent times?

In the late afternoon I pull into a parking lot and listen to the news of the day. Since I drive a car now at the rate of once or twice per month, I no longer listen to news much. I am, therefore, so caught up in the recount of world events that I hardly notice the clouds.

There’s white stuff pouring forth from those clouds.

A minute later I am taking a photo of something I could use for a winter greeting card. Happy October to you. From Wisconsin, na zdrowie!

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