Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Oh for God’s sake, surely you do not expect me to write something deeply personal and/or of general interest here on Ocean every single day!

Here, contemplate this chalkboard that I happened upon on my walk home:

october 06 372

Do you even know who your boss is? Have you hugged him or her lately? Given her or him flowers? (If I gave my boss flowers, it may make front page news: lowly faculty member caught sending flowers to the dean, the provost and chancellor; all three claim that they haven’t a clue as to what went into the thought process behind this.)

I like the way you have a choice. No? No flowers to bosses? How about your sweetheart then? (As a sort of afterthought). Flowers for her (him)?

That is one damn hopeful flowershop.

And just to spice up your reading pleasure, let me assure you that no one will be sending me flowers on Saturday, October 21st. For one thing, I will be out of town. For another, I have never in my life hung out with someone, anyone, who would acknowledge sweetheart’s day. Sad, isn’t it?