Tuesday, November 07, 2006


The first day of a school year, moving into a new apartment, beginning a job, taking an exam after thorough preparation (alright, that’s a rare one), New Year’s Day, taking your baby home for the first time, elections.

For all the apprehension, for all the doubts and recollections of past failures, you want, hope for, perhaps even expect in a wee way success.

And so, before the evening sets in, before anyone even breathes the word – results, I’m putting up a few images of optimism. (Just to assure you that it made its way to the loft, I’ll admit to stashing a bottle of the bubbly in the fridge. In case.)

november 06 091
Madison Metro cares

november 06 092
...he really cares

november 06 087
I voted for her. May she win.