Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving, part 4: food crazy

America is a nation of closet foodies. Ask anyone out on the street and so many will tell you Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday because it’s all about eating yummy stuff all late-afternoon long. We pick our favorite holiday by what it delivers to our stomachs, how about that!

My turkey didn’t grace the table until after 9.

I take on Thanksgiving cooking in the way that one takes on a massive housecleanig project: ambitiously, with sleeves rolled up (actually I prefer cooking in an undershirt) and with a lot of components mapped out for the day. Grit and determination. Especially if I am cooking the entire meal in someone else’s kitchen. Without many props.

I start Wednesday evening and cook straight through until we sit down, whenever that may be, the next day sometime, with a few hours out for a little sleep and a brief walk, just to get that housebound feeling out of me.

So, let me randomly throw out a few dishes of the day (we counted fifteen). Broken up by a walk.

november 06 177
apple puffies

november 06 184
squash with dumplings

november 06 179
chive scones

november 06 194
Lake Michigan at Evanston

november 06 217
snack food

november 06 221
chipotle corn

november 06 220
caramelized endive

november 06 222
with roasted garlic and herbs

november 06 225
the bird

november 06 234
chocolate with raspberries