Thursday, November 30, 2006


Last night, a bunch of us sat around a table describing to an outsider what it was like to live in Madison. Said outsider was contemplating a move to the area.

Sure, it’s cold, but really, it’s quite sunny! And autumn is wonderful! And you don’t feel the cold when it dips below minus 20. It just feels like regular old 25. And we clean our streets of snow and the schools stay open and our heating bills are reasonable. Given the circumstances.

In good company, this seems entirely credible. Back home, in my own space, I realize it is a stretch. It can get ridiculously cold here.

Still, what has become apparent is that when an outsider visits, the first topic to reach the table is Madison's weather. Carved, dissected, dressed and delivered.

I remembered this as the thermometer did an about face this morning and plummeted from somewhere in mid-fifties to a nice brisk 15 – topping 19 when I set out for the Law School. I pretty much jogged the mile, but my hair never quite recovered. It does not like it when I choose to go from shower to freezer.

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