Friday, September 14, 2007

from d.c.: people

Oh, do I appreciate the challenge of taking photos of people! I have, in fact, a hugely complicated explanation in my mind as to why I like it as much as I do, but I wont spell it out here. Ocean readers know this about me anyway. I’ll risk being banged with my camera over my head but I’ll try for it. I’ll take the picture that, in my mind at least, is an interesting statement about the place I’m visiting. It’s especially rewarding if I am in a setting far from home.

So in the short while I had before setting out for dinner, I took a stroll. These were all taken within a few blocks of where I’m staying. Chronologically:

003 support art, copy

019 basketball, copy

020 mother and child and child to be, copy

023 starbucks moment, copy


  1. fantastic shots! all of them
    enjoy the city, the people, the close ones
    big hug

  2. The last woman sitting at the table looks like what I'd like to be doing.. just sitting in the rain even with an umbrella with my feet up.. reading, writing, doing my own thing. Perfect. And, of course, with my jean jacket on. Of course.


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