Thursday, January 11, 2007


When you have been inundated with the blues and delightful tones of virtual travel (especially in and around the Mediterranean), you begin to think that this really is the way the world presents itself. I mean this in the broadest sense: you begin to believe that life is made of days where all you have is the hot pursuit of all the beautiful rooms with views out there. I kid you not.

But, at the close of the day, the photos, the web site where you have been placing them, they all recede. The splash of reality. It’s like someone pouring a can of gray paint over your day. Work, chores, and the tones of a mid January afternoon in Madison seep in. I know it looks like Pittsburgh, or Detroit maybe. But it’s Madison.

january 07 046

Except, you know, you know, that in a matter of secs, okay, hours maybe, you can go back and reclaim the blues. Hang in there, blues! I’ll be back in a little while.