Thursday, January 18, 2007


What’s in a word… Or in letters? What images do those two bring forth?


An obvious choice today. Light snow flurries, gray skies.

I need a break! It cannot be all work, I need a break! I meander. Just a handful of blocks, to Vilas Park, the zoo, empty now. No little children with cups of fizzy soda… So cold… Are there beings who do not mind this grayness, this utter chill?

january 07 127

PR... Public Relations?

In my days (are my days no more?), I heard a lot about PR. We need to do some PR work, our image is at an all time low. Do people still worry about Public Relations? Elected officials? Firms and corporations? Universities? Professors?

I do. Bloggers who use their real names have to worry about this. What image do you project when you write frivolously?

Whatever it is, it’s better than posting about the nonfrivolous: work. I love my job to death, but I rarely write about it. I am a photographer who does not turn on the power of the camera (I speak figuratively here) until the door of work slams behind me.

Thoughts like that come up as I sit immersed in materials, preparing for the next semester (which starts next week).

Puerto Rico

Of course! It had to be! An addendum to the post below:

What are you saying, that people should not go all the way to Puerto Rico for long week-ends? You’re kidding, right? It is the norm! That is why prices are so elevated Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Working people go away for week-ends. Self employed people do whatever they please. You are self-employed. I am not.
Puerto Rico is too far for a short trip. Five hours on the flight, each way…

I feel I am listening to my mother.

Too far…
No, I cannot listen to another too. I booked a room. Come or not, I’m off. A week-end in early March. So that I can smell the salt and listen to the steady ripple of waves.

Camping, would you consider camping? Hiking maybe?

Some may consider a few days of warming one's toes in golden sands boring.

january 07 131

Not me.