Saturday, February 10, 2007

from St. Paul. Or Minneapolis. (I can’t always tell)

It is remarkable that the four of us would choose a northern spot for our annual February reunion (we are of the same law school vintage), but we did. You had to be there at the time the location was discussed (it was when we were having that warm spell over winter break, remember? When we described it as a balmy spring-like winter?). The only thing I can now say is that it’s good we tossed away the idea of being further north. It could have happened. North seems fun when the temperatures are south-like.

The New York Times recently published an article on how Minneapolis is the du jour week-end destination. I feel hip and on the spot! I am convinced I booked my flight before the NYT corresponded ever submitted his story. I am in the right place! And I do like this place. These places. (Twin cities. Plural.)

(I think I would hugely dislike Minneapolis weather in April. I already have misgivings about April in Madison – one of those Aprils when it refuses to be anything but cold and brown. Minneapolis makes up its mind even later about moving into spring.)

The focus today was on architecture, yoga, memento acquisition and food (and drink, but that is a story for another post). If you have been curious about what's west of the Mississippi, you’ll (perhaps) appreciate these photos of a day of crossings – not of an ocean but of a river. Back and forth. To see what's on the other side.

february 07 086


an original Gehry:

february 07 093

...the new Guthrie theater, outside:

february 07 098

But the real delight comes from being inside the Guthrie, looking out through windows with reflecting ledges (third image = reflection of Ocean author):

february 07 106

february 07 125

february 07 122

...and finally -- the Walker sculpture garden, the last spoonful:

february 07 143