Thursday, February 22, 2007

where the grass is greener

It struck me last week that I should move. That I am spending much and benefiting little from lining the pockets of my (quite nice actually) landlord. That I should worry about things like equity. That I should look forward to spring by imagining pots filled with flowers out on my nonexistent deck. That I should create a space where (frequent) visitors can disappear at the end of the day and not be on top of each other (lofts are so… open). That Madison’s condo boom has passed me by and I should jump back into the fray and be a part of the hip set.

My winter weeks have been extremely packed with work commitments, but finally, late this afternoon, I set out to look at what’s out there.

I am still reeling from that effort. Updates will follow. In the meantime, let me just say this: in the twenty years that I have been less than even marginally interested in acquiring space (looking for an apartment rental does not count) the real estate world has turned up side down. That is one crazy marketplace out there! I may shut my door to it all and never leave the loft again. Or, by season’s end, I may be downsizing and stacking boxes once more.

It cannot be said that I am not open to the idea of change.