Tuesday, March 06, 2007


About the condo...

Na├»ve me. I think: if I let the builder/seller know how much I want that particular condo, he will sell it to me at a price I can afford. Why wouldn’t he? I want to buy it, he wants to sell it – the marketplace will push this into my lap, right?

Instead, it is, I think, like this: seller knows how much I want the condo. I have admitted that there is no other unit in all of Madison, nay, Dane County, that comes even close to the price, size, quality of this particular place. Rather than feeling honored and puffed up by my words of great praise, I am thinking that he used the information against me when the counter offer came in ----- at a sum greater than the original asking price!

Now, some would be discouraged by this. Not me! I see this as an opportunity to educate the builder/seller in the true worth of reaching out to people like me. I want to teach him how to make things happen out there, so that all are satisfied. I owe him that much.

In the meantime, I am condo-negotiating left and right, working endlessly at all hours of the night and feeling that one more day of this pace will permanently crack me, scar me, undo me in some profound way.

Or not. Hearty Polish peasant stock here. I give thanks to my roots.