Monday, March 26, 2007

it only takes a day

…to marry, to unmarry, to give birth (well, okay, maybe longer on that one), to get a job, lose a job, to get inspired, to crawl under the bed. To say love you, miss you, and miss you tons. To eat a good meal, to learn a new skill. To contribute to the well being of another.

To transform what looks like a ton of ice, along the shores of Lake Monona…

march 07 167
Sunday, March 25

…into water.

march 07 215
Monday, March 26

…good bye ice fishers. Hello boat fishermen and otters.

march 07 225
Monday, March 26

And within minutes, the willows show leaves…

march 07 220

No time at all. Most transformations take no time at all.
Others take a lifetime.