Sunday, April 15, 2007


Bicycles are an enigma for me in many many ways, but, I am committed again to a (virtually) car-free spring summer and fall and so it was time to spring clean Mr. G and take him out for another run.

Out comes the de-greaser – a messy job of wiping down the chain, only to then fill it with grease again. I scrubbed down parts that seemed to profit from a spit and rub type cleaning. A shiny red bike, ready for the season.

So that I can huff and puff up hills and speed down again, with eyes glued to the road for any sort of menace that would cause me to go flying over the rails.

It can be scary stuff.

In the country, the first thing I do is ride to a coffee shop – ridiculous, I know.

I look for signs of spring at last, full force, a blooming type spring but it’s still too early. I live in a place where change happens typically on the eve of Earth Day – April 21st. I should know because I was born on April 21st and I have always found it fortuitous to be over the hump of winter by the time my marker of the next year and the next comes to pass.

In the meantime, three photos from my ride. I only snapped a half dozen, so there you have it. A shack, a road and another enigma. For you.