Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I had dinner with a friend tonight. We went to this place on State Street:


Good view, no? Is there a name for the phenomenon where two triangular structures align themselves in this way? Do you see it? -- a liquor store and the art center. How appropriate.

We were both hungry and the food is quite good here. We were curious about the portions and upon learning that "meat" means more than half a pound of meat, we decide to share.

We begin by also sharing a bottle of wine…


…then, in a moment of great independence, we each order a cup of soup. After this, we return to sharing: the steak dish, followed by a (shared) salad.

Would we like to see the dessert menu? No, not at all. We have no room for dessert. We have just finished a (shared) two course meal along with a (shared) salad.

What does this say about food portions in this town?