Wednesday, April 25, 2007

a week in review: new technology

Ten minutes clicking “put in shopping cart” and giving credit card information for the acquisition of the smallest notebook around (Sony).

Fifteen minutes finding out which cell phone services are compatible with European networks.

One hour talking to various reps of the two major ones (Cingular and T-Mobile) to figure out what I need to link the new notebook via the cell phone to the Internet, especially in Europe.

One hour getting wrong information while talking to various reps about the above.

Not knowing that I was getting incorrect information, fifteen minutes giving mailing and credit card information for the acquisition of a cell phone that would, according to some, link my notebook to the world.

One hour taking new notebook and new cell phone to chosen provider to link the two under the purchased plan.

One minute to find out that this was completely incorrect and that nothing of what I had purchased would link me to anything beyond a computer with music stored on it.

Two hours talking to rep from new computer company (Sony) only to find out that I managed to purchase THE ONLY SONY ON THE MARKET that has a card linking it to cell technology of one of the providers (Sprint) that does not use European cell technology and therefore, for international purposes, is worthless.

Three hours surfing the Net, looking for ways to acquire aircards that would link my particular computer with cell systems in Europe.

Three hours and fifteen minutes for the beyond wonderful (Cingular, now the new AT&T) salesman to figure out a way to circumvent all problems, including the ever stubborn and have it her own way Windows Vista, and to put me on the map of France, to say nothing of the world, footloose and free, with my new (Sony) notebook and my aircard, never to be bothered by the absence of Wi Fi anywhere ever again. (This is not a time to ask -- at what cost??)

To be continued, of this I am sure.