Wednesday, May 02, 2007

time to give back

You know how utterly idiotic it was to have Prominent Government Officials appear on American Idol last night (I need TV to help me write lectures) to thank y’all for participating in the Fight On Poverty by voting for your favorite AI performer? Yes, THAT was dumb (not the donation, but its link to voting).

I have a better idea. Forget American Idol voting. Do something REALLY useful. Click on to Asia’s blog and sponsor her ride for the American Lung Association. I know, a million people are on your back to donate to one cause or another. But Asia is one of the coolest writers around and she is offering her writing talents for your donation. Imagine, you could help fight lung disease and have her write something on your blog. Win Win.

(Asia, Ocean welcomes you. I have only once had a guest blogger a long long time ago and at the last minute he succumbed to inertia. Or fear, or something. Not to pressure you or anything.)

To give. So many of us do it in countless ways. And maybe it’s enough. And maybe you’re tired of being bugged about this. Still, it’s Asia and lungs, and chances are you haven’t given much thought to lungs. Chances are your idle moments are spent visualizing a plasma screen TV instead.

Forget the TV. Who needs all those entertainment devices anyway. Just scramble some eggs, bring out the laptop, catch up on blogs and news stories and then click to make a donation. In support of lungs, for God’s sake. So satisfying. So, well, HELPful.