Wednesday, August 01, 2007

how to impress the urbane urbanites without really trying

They come for their handful of vacation days home to Madison.

They have become big city women. Their homes are in D.C. and in Boston. I am the small town kid now. I woo them back here with the smell of meadow flowers and the sounds of evening music on the Square.

The day is hot. I finish teaching. We set out on a seventeen mile bike loop along the southern borders of Madison.

It never fails to shake up a city slicker – how quickly Madison, the town, sheds its urban veneer and turns into splendid countryside.

the beginning of the bike loop

a mile or two later...

They have done this loop before, but they ooh and ah and laugh as butterflies circle their faces and birds provide an ongoing soundtrack of the best country music.


In the evening, we sit at a table and munch on crab salad and trout served on roasted summer corn. The Chamber Orchestra is finishing its season. We are finishing a week of bliss.


Happy birthday, little S.! To another great year for you in the nation’s capital, from one who watches you proudly from a small green corner here, in Wisconsin’s capital.