Monday, August 13, 2007


Moving from computer to book to computer, but physically not moving much at all. This often describes my work at home days.

By late afternoon I want that sun on my back and so I walk over for an espresso at the second closest café, the one at Borders.

I approach it from the back, by the railway tracks. So empty here! Where are people? In cars? Indoors? But look how pretty even this very indifferent street corner is!

001 greens, copy

005 greens 2, copy

003 greens 3, copy

To the left, to the right, and looking up, it’s all so multi-toned. When we were studying for the bac in Poland, at the end of high school, the teachers said to us -- take the time to refresh and calm your minds. Go look at green things!

And now in Madison, I am again looking at green things. It was easy in Warsaw (the parks!). It’s easy here, too.

But where is everyone?

I go to the Borders Café. If you’re looking for the men of Madison, they appear to be right here:

007 cafe men, copy

The women? Maybe like in southern Europe, when they are not working, they are hidden within a dense fabric of family life. Maybe. Or, it's all chance and happenstance. Yeah, chance and happenstance.