Saturday, August 18, 2007


Left a daughter in Chicago, returned home. It’s that simple. One day, we sit across the table, both daughters and I and we pass a jug of milk – one puts it on her cereal, one drinks it straight up, one, me actually, splashes it into her coffee – the next day they’re gone and the milk stays inside the fridge and rots. (I don’t use enough to justify the jug.)

The rain is now saturating the landscape. Everywhere. It’s gray and misty and dreary and cold. If I had been condo shopping on a day like this I would have said – forget it! This place is too dark. Except every place is too dark because all of Madison is too dark and you know what? That’s just not a healthy way to be in the weeks just preceding the summer’s end.

And so I write. And I am grateful to all you commenters who said nice things about this enormous project of mine and especially those of you who have vowed to purchase a copy and yes, there will be a copy, only not tomorrow or the next day.

For now, a photo of the final stage of the drive in. See? It’s pretty here, just outside of Madison. Even when the rain falls steadily, with no signs of letting up.

012 copy