Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Interestingly, in coming up with something to say about myself to my first day, first semester, first year law students, I said (among other things) that I bike. Now, that’s curious, because I wouldn’t typically focus on this as a defining characteristic. Real bikers bike. Or they do biker things (I can only imagine what). Quickly, I balanced this disclosure with cooking, neglecting to remember that I do not cook nearly as much as I did, say, two, three, four years ago. At the tail end, I lamely added that I also write. I mean, write non-law things.

I mention this for several reasons:

1. I truly deeply love the first day of classes;

2. One tends to obsess about things that one did yesterday over and beyond what one did, say, last week or last year. This is a good thing. Sometimes.

3. One tends to hide things that are truly important.

So long as I defined myself as a biker (!) I may as well post about my bike ride home. Excited yet?

For those who no longer live in Madison but have nostalgic leanings toward the place, you will cry (as opposed to, say, on January 29th, should you live anywhere south of here).

It was a sunny day. I was biking down Park Street and looking up, I saw the frisbee pair. There is always a frisbee pair on Bascom Mall on days like this.

001 on the hill, copy

Turning toward the lake, I caught sight of these studious types. Oh, come on. Suspend judgment. They probably had classes earlier in the day.

006 on the water, copy

Finally, a comment on water. There’s a lot of it after the rains of last week. So much so that sometimes, even the ducks have had enough.

010 out of water, copy