Wednesday, October 17, 2007


What’s the opposite of a view from Bascom Mall on campus toward the Capitol (I post this view quite often, because it’s pretty and it’s just outside my office)? Maybe a view from the top of the Capitol toward Bascom Mall?

012 copy

I was giving my Capitol Square seminar today (a once a semester affair) and I seemed to have hit on 1. A morning with a beautiful sky, 2. The downtown Wednesday Farmers Market,

021 copy

...and 3. A day of protest – by those who are angry at taxation in general (I don’t know how else to describe them) and, on the opposite end – those who are angry at Wisconsin lawmakers for causing the stalemate in budget deliberation, thereby making us the last state in the union to approve a state budget for the year. I would say their (this second group's) anger also extends toward the first group of angry people. I can also admit that my allegiance is completely with the second group.

002 copy

I took a few photos of all three hits, though not many. (Here, one more photo of the Market, in context:)

022 copy

My mind was elsewhere. On work in part, and also on the concept of opposites – whether they indeed attract or push away the other.