Friday, October 19, 2007

wisconsin vignette

Come out to the country. I’ll buy you a cappuccino and we’ll get some honeycrisps.

Them’s enticing words.

First, because my favorite place right now to have a cappuccino happens to be outside of the city and second, because honeycrisp apples are the royalty of all apple forms in my mind.

Still, it’s cold. I’m cold. I have a cold.

I’ll treat.

There you have it. My cup runneth over.

May I suggest you head down to Eplegaarden sometime before the end of November? They’ll have honeycrisps until then. They love it when you pick your own. They’ll chat you up some and shake your hand if you’re the friendly type.

And, well, it’s just so Wisconsin around their place. Ten minutes out of Madison and you’re there.

And say hi to Vern for me (Betty’ll be too busy selling apples). Tell him you got the tip to drive/bike out there from that Polish woman, Nina and her NYC-born (occasional traveling) companion Ed. Who can never get enough cider, apples and local county gossip.

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