Wednesday, January 02, 2008

from Chicago: cold blast

How do you photograph a blast of Arctic air without spending much time in direct contact with it?

Intense dark blue sky of dusk, remnants of snow on frozen branches – that’s the best I can do.

006 copy

And forgive me for the brief posts in the next handful of days. I’m returning to Madison tomorrow (sob, no more daughters) to catch up with stacks of papers – all of which must be reviewed and attended to before my departure on Monday. Where to then? Keep reading.

P.S. Ocean is four years old today. Ocean View is one year old this week. Ocean Store is opening for business this month. Is it all driven by a restless winter impatience? Or staying in from the cold? Maybe. So, thank you, Arctic air. And thank you to all who read Ocean. Posting daily makes sense to me so long as I have at least one person who likes to see what I’ve come up with. To all of you – commenters, readers, lurkers, friends, family, occasional traveling companions – thank you for peeking in now and then. It’s utterly wonderful to have you here.