Tuesday, February 05, 2008

a here we go again moment

The election back and forth. The malice directed at the other guy or woman – the one you don’t like. Seeing evil in them. I remember. I felt it. Elections encourage elevated feelings of hostility. Which continue if the other one, the one you didn’t want, wins. Hey, that’s not my choice. Yours! You idiot!

Your candidate. Her/his loss is your loss. it’s personal.

The snow. So delicate and lovely back in December. Dreaming of a white Christmas. Winter wonderland. Then.

White stuff coming down tonight. February storm warning. Snow, heavy at times. Again? Shouldn’t we move on? Change! Time for change! But not just any change! Better. I want better weather and better leadership and a better me!

The snow tonight. A foot expected. Yes, really.

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