Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The snowiest winter ever! -- our local paper claims this about Madison. Maybe. But it doesn’t feel like Colorado, or Buffalo (my images of big snow places). It feels like it’s winter in a very cold place.

A student comes to my office and tells me – nice view, but my, it’s cold here! I know. A Scrooge corridor of cold.

The view? Well, you know it well. I post it now and then. Oh, you want to see it again now that you know it’s the snowiest winter ever? Here we are:

003 copy

Wisconsinites know how to defend themselves from the cold. Note these two, photographed on my way to the bus stop.

004 copy

I timed my walk to the bus so that I would not have to stand in the cold for long. The bus came early. Oh, thank you, thank you. One minute less of waiting.

You should know that I have a flex parking spot near campus. I pay only if I use it. I have used it only once this academic year.

Tonight, I contemplated using it a second time. Obama is speaking two blocks from where I park. An opportunity!

But, I received a threatening message from campus parking telling all of us with nearby parking that we should not use the lots unless we are there to work! Uff! You guys cut me no breaks.

I don’t really want to hear Obama anyway. Nothing that he can say will convince me that he is more electable or more capable of effectuating change (than she is). Nothing that she can say can convince me that she is more skilled at winning or accomplishing policy dreams (than he is). One of them. But which one? Who can tell? I worry about people who think they know. Really? I worry that they may have superior predictive visions. Because me, I just cannot tell.

But I’m straying.

Outside, snow is falling again. It looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, doesn’t it?

007 copy

Confusion. An apt ending to a cold day where heated passion is about to take over downtown.

UPDATE: Oh! The beagle won! The world does know how to pick the best of the best! I am delighted!