Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The door latch was lifted today. The thermometer hovered, wavered and then shot up to an astonishing 39 F.

Buoyed by yesterday’s success at walking home (after all, I made it), I set out with similar ambitions, detouring via the city bike path and Monroe Street.

It’s not a pretty stretch. Yesterday’s lake becomes today’s railyard. Where they dump coal for the power plant. No cardinals. Rather, this:

002 copy

And the wind. A lake side gust at least makes you feel your lungs are getting a thorough cleaning. Here, it just felt cold.

Still, I made it to Trader Joe’s so that I could buy five boxes of triple ginger snaps – a cookie that keeps me going when everything else in the evening pushes me to sleep. After, I called Ed, on the off chance that he would offer a meet up at a cafĂ©, followed by a lift home. (The wind plus five tins of cookies seemed a bit much.) He cheerfully obliged.

But to Ed, such balmy weather means it’s time to dust off the Honda. The one with only two wheels and a lot of open space. (For the uninformed: if you’re cold walking, you’ll be extra cold on a motorbike. It’s the wind factor.)

But, it’s a short ride and the backseat offers some protection. Indeed, the view is rather limited. Here's mine:

013 copy

I made it home. My cookies survived. In fact, so did the daffodils. $1.49 a bunch. I bought three.

022 copy