Saturday, March 29, 2008


…you feel an upsurge of optimism when none is warranted. I’m writing about weather, but I’m thinking of non-weather episodes. The yes! moment, when you break through a thick fog and surge forward.

And then, next morning, visibility is down to near zero again. If you pardon the weather analogue.

Okay, no more about fog.

I cleaned my red Mr. Giant today. Ed, the bike expert, lubricated the chain and gave me appropriate rags and twigs to wipe out five months’ worth of grime and dust on the body. And we set out to do a small ride. Country road, take me home...

009 copy

I got cold. In Paoli, I sought refuge in an art gallery, just to take the red out of my nose.

006 copy

On the ride back, the chill in my face and limbs receded a little. But really, it was not a warm and sunny time.