Saturday, April 05, 2008

from Cape Cod: the draw of the ocean

Lake views? Boring. Buggy. Yawn.

Ocean fronts? They ease life’s angst. For a Pole, that’s huge. (We have a disproportionate hold on angst.)

I wake up and ask my daughter – so, shall we drive out to the Cape? And because we’re in Boston, we can. And we do.

I’d never really been to Cape Cod proper. Martha’s Vineyard ? Yes, I got hooked on that place years back, until it got to be too expensive to take seriously. But now, in the low low season (and as compared to, say, France, with its godawful for the American Euro), the region seems a bargain.

And it is quiet.

We stop in Brewster (just where the Cape bends and flexes its arm up northwards). We hike across the salt marshes toward the sea.

011 copy
sea hawk

029 copy
low tide

030 copy

032 copy

It’s just so peaceful! And stunning.

038 copy
daughter, sea grasses, inlet

045 copy
sea catch

053 copy

We get in the car and make our way up one Cape coast than down the other. Villages, not entirely shuttered, but not in full swing either. Without question, it is the best way to see it.

080 copy

The weather stations say rain, but it’s hardly even gray. And by the end of the day, it is clear and blue, and then dark, and star-filled.

089 copy
sun goeas down over the salt marsh

Sea or mountains? Where’s your heart?

Love those jagged peaks and alpine meadows. Still, nothing calms the spirit as much as an ocean view.