Tuesday, April 15, 2008

farming, part 1

So finally, it is time to clear the brush, till the soil and sow the seed. Is there anything more fundamental in life? …than the simple act of tugging at a rake? standing behind a tiller? Throwing out your hand with seed?

I came back from D.C. early yesterday, absolutely depleted. That’s (for me) not a very good blogging situation and I momentarily considered giving Ocean a few days’ rest.

Instead, I gave Ocean and a significant number of other things, only one night’s rest.

How can it be -- such a quick recovery? For me, it's a question of scaling back to the basics. Today, the farmers were out, raking, tilling, sowing, in the most straightforward ways and I could think of little else. They rent land next to Ed’s farmette and the day isn’t long enough to absorb it all. My photos tell only part of the story, but they are better than no story at all. So, here you go. Even more than the farmers markets that are about to explode this week-end in Madison, these people truly herald the beginning of the good seasons.

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