Saturday, June 28, 2008

brilliant, and not so much

A brilliant Saturday morning. Buoyant. Blazing with sunshine. The Westside Community Market is totally about summer foods and flowers. And the merchants? All grateful grins and wistful gazes.

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It was a good morning.

After that? Well, there was the matter of the earth drill and it's incapacity (earth drills like only certain type of earth).

More. There was the matter of impending storms.

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…that quickly passed.

Ed offered to buy me a cup of coffee and that was lovely. In an American parking lot sort of way.

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Did I say basic? Our next stop was a discount store. Where you were supposed to be excited by the … leftovers.

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I wasn’t. I sat in Ed’s pick up truck and tried not to pay attention to the (dented) scenery before me.

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Back at the condo, people gathered on the roof to see if they could catch the biggest firework display in the Midwest, some miles north of us. Rhythm and Booms. I passed. But I did light my own stick of cold fire out on the balcony to see if it would remind me of childhood times. It didn’t.

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