Thursday, July 17, 2008


My man Jason, the color expert (in the hair department) must be wondering what the hell has happened to me. I haven’t seen him in months.

It’s not that I haven’t thought about color. I have. Continuously. But all tint and tone speculations have had to do with photography. I am absolutely swamped with work in preparation for my photo showing in October. You may feel that this is a distant deadline. And that a Jason cut and color could fit within the busiest of schedules.

Sure. But the reality is that one Jason visit can pay for the printing and framing of two large photos. So there’s that. And, timewise – I start teaching next week and pretty much keep at it until December. I am in a pocket of quiet and I need to use it wisely.

What about the book, you ask? Oh, I’ve been thinking a lot about that as well. How, for example, I haven’t written a single word since I left Paris in June.

This morning, I sat with my cup of homemade cappuccino on the balcony and I looked at the colors of the flowers I have planted in big clay pots (or, in some instances, cheated and bought in ready-planted big plastic pots). So many appear to be purple and yellow.

049 copy
Purchase photo 1893

And this is my life right now. Avoiding color, thinking about color, and watching an ant lug something across the concrete, feeling great relief that my load isn’t nearly as big as hers.

043 copy

On a side note, I have been needing an official photo which depicts a person who likes the outdoors and is the out-and-about-in-her-home-town type. Ed took this one as I was setting out to buy groceries. I especially like the devilish flares coming out of my shoulders.

025 copy