Friday, July 25, 2008

peeking out

I’m learning, with the assistance of a highly skilled entrepreneur, on what not to do to launch a project (which has the goal of paying for itself – that’s how low my entrepreneurial goals reach). It’s tough going.

And so, I write this day off as too busy to toss around much in Ocean waters.

But, there’s always a smile-inducing moment, in every set of crowded hours. One came when I stepped outside and peeked down at the daylilies planted outside the condo building. And found this little guy peeking out at me.

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As the bunny and I exchanged friendly stares, my project coach found great wealth among the flower leaves. There, lay a fine wine glass that some (condo) visitor must have tossed out. I expect now to be served wine in something other than a water mug when I next visit him. And here I offer you this lesson, one that I have learned by hanging around my coach: success comes from knowing every inch of your territory, and from plain old luck.