Saturday, August 16, 2008

repeat performance

Another Shakespeare play in the woods, west of Madison, another night of stars and wisps of mist hugging the prairie fields.

Another downtown market. Yaaaaawn, boring, same old same old… Right?

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Another bouquet of flowers. Colors of fire, scent of spice. A child, burying her nose in their yellow dust, eyes closed, searching for that sweetness that is summer.

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Another iced tea on State Street. So warm today! That sun that plays the devil in winter – in, out, in, out – so warm now, sweaty warm, wonderful sweaty warm, August warm.

Wheat beer with lemon – that’s not me, but it is tonight. Another evening of dinner out on the Dane Pub terrace and I give in to the Madison brews, the Madison dusk, the August balloons that take you away, or take others away, only to return, someday, for good.

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