Tuesday, August 19, 2008

being ready

You can’t be ready. You cannot prevent injury, you cannot anticipate punches. Basically, life is about walking the fine line with the gut exposed. A sigh of relief if it remains intact at the end of the day. You never know.

That’s a very Polish attitude. I know that. Still, I embrace it full force. Today it’s this and tomorrow it’s something else.

I went to Jason’s this afernoon The color guy. I want to break with the color addiction, but I believe in a slow release and so I trudged over, ever so meekly, and asked for a dose that would hold me over for a while.

I mention this because typically, a trip to Jason’s is total relaxation. Not today. No one’s life is easy, even if you are the best color person this side of the Mississippi. We felt our issues in half finished sentences and periods of silence. My thoughts are with a friend who died last week. Jason has his own world of loss to consider.

On the way back from Jason’s, I stopped at a tiny beach – a place where I sometimes went with daughters when they were very very young. I expected it to be empty. Lake Mendota sucks right now. All that algae. I was surprised to see a life guard. She was SO ready.

008 copy

I asked her if it was safe to swim. Today? Yes, she said. Indeed, there was one swimmer. And she was ready for him. The wheelbarrows of algae could wait. She was ready.

010 copy
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Wouldn’t it be grand if there was a ready life-saving person to help us through the rough spots all the time?

In the evening, I finished several projects that had been waiting for my attention. It's good to throw yourself into the pleasantly mundane every once in a while. Life's kind of short. Can't waste it on the sadness.