Sunday, October 05, 2008

post art show reflections

I’m not a fan of giving advice. I think my personal experiences in life may be interesting, but they don’t offer much in the way of wisdom or guidance. Still, after working through an art show (my first one), I have some nuggets that others may find, well, interesting. Not instructive. But interesting.

So, thinking of showing your stuff to the public?

Wonderful. Stay calm, stay focused. And consider the following:

Don’t be shy about sending invitations to your best pals. I sent none. But when a handful of friends (Suzanne, Tom, Joan + family, Barry…) showed up on Sunday, I was ready to hug them forever. It’s good to talk to people who sort of accept you with your quirky flaws already and who aren't there to learn about your medium.

Don’t put out brownies as treats. Kids will come and eat them rapidly. Their sugar high will be your afternoon low.

Do suggest conversation topics for those who visit your space. I posted on the wall three questions people could ask me (note banners in photo below). People did come up and ask me all three questions. True, my mind ceased working when, for the 100th time, I addressed my own questions, but that’s just me.

005 copy

If you put out wine, because it’s sort of a gallery type event, put out cheap stuff. Don’t worry that it has cheap written all over it. No one cares. They’re pleased that they can drink and look all at the same time.

Make your occasional traveling companion or partner or loved one or someone be there when it’s time to close down and pack up. Not because you yourself can’t take out nails and cart down art pieces, but because this is the way it’s done. And then, of course, accept his (or her) dinner invitation (if one is forthcoming…sigh…) to celebrate your “accomplishments.” I imagine that would be a fun way to close the event.