Thursday, October 09, 2008

the thinker

I am more like McCain than Obama in at least this way: I act on impulse. I think afterwards. I have to say that this has lead to some unbelievably fantastic results. And, I admit it, some poor ones. The interesting thing is that my unbelievably fantastic results would, most likely, have happened eventually, had I not acted on impulse. On the other hand, the bad outcomes may have been avoided had I paused to think. So I’m in favor of thought.

Like this guy, discovered on my walk down the hill in the early afternoon:

001 copy

For those who think I have become too serious, what with my postings on thought and dirt paths disappearing, well, we are in the midst of serious times. But, life is silly anyway. Agree? I mean, look at this trio. I passed them on State Street this afternoon. Bucky! Buck up already!

004 copy

Much later, I gathered up my texts and papers and set out to bike home. On Bascom Hill, all was quiet. Almost. I’m not sure what these people were doing. Do you see them? Specks on the darkening turf. Push ups? Exercise inspires thinking. So that’s a good thing.

006 copy

The bike ride home was long. My gears wouldn’t shift. Here’s the good part: I didn’t fall. It was a thought-filled and thoughtful ride.