Sunday, October 12, 2008

another fall day

Warm, tantalizing Sunday. My older daughter and I set out for some of my favorite autumnal outposts. The girl’s deprived. It’s a paved world, out there is DC, where she lives.

I am only now (at midnight) recovering from the pace.

Let me try to pick out the essential pieces of the day:

009 copy
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Gibraltar Rock

031 copy
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(yes, it's positively inspiring at this time of the year)

045 copy
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Ice Age Trail by the Wisconsin River

058 copy
Ski High Orchards

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Somewhere near Oregon, Wisconsin

Then came the cooking. Favorite autumnal recipes. Hurry, please, people are hungry.

At midnight it all stops. Or almost stops. Finishing up the post... Yawn... A new week. Yawn. Well rested, ready for the challenges... Yawn... Stretch those tired muscles. Such a pretty autumn we're having...