Tuesday, November 11, 2008

quiet times

All day, it rained.

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I got on the wrong bus going home this evening. It was late, raining, but I realized my mistake early enough so that I wasn’t at the wrong side of town without a way to get back. Small towns have empty streets and lousy public transportation alternatives after work hours.

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At close to 9, I opened the door to my condo, let go of my back pack, put on my pajamas and exhaled.

I tell my students (in the years that I remember to tell them this) that no vacation will ever feel as good as the winter break that comes after the first semester of law school. But sometimes, I think that the opening of the door to home after a packed work day is deserving of honors: let me proclaim this moment – of opening my condo door – as, well, sublime.

In other news – no other news. It was a gentle day of work, with a coffee break in the middle and a tea break at the end. Both lovely. And actually, let me admit it: this day of cold weather and much work was a good day.