Saturday, November 22, 2008


Three strangers walked into my condo very early this morning. It was a mistake – they meant to visit a vacant unit that is for sale on the floor below me, but it was interesting to be sitting in morning disarray and to have three people staring at you.


Later, the phone rang. Caller ID showed it was a cell phone. A dignified, deep voice on the other end. Nina? It’s Doctor R. Just calling to see how you’re feeling after yesterday’s procedure… For real?? A doctor (dentist really, but it’s the same…), calling me on a Saturday, to find out how things were progressing?? A small thing perhaps, but I was impressed. I made a note to recommend him to the thousands I meet daily who ask me where they should have their root canals treated.


Later, Ed suggested that we look at toilets. For the writer’s shed. Mind you, there is no plumbing scheduled for the writer’s shed in its immediate future, but Ed thought we should be prepared for the day when the shed joins the twentieth century.

We picked a toilet. This one:

002 copy

As usual, we picked based on price, but with a ten dollar boost to acquire the slightly larger model because I swear, the regular bowl looked like it could accommodate only half of a Wisconsin adult buttock.


Later, we searched Ebay for cheap shower fixtures (again, being far sighted and optimistic that the day will come when water would flow to the shed). We put in a bid for a basic model that had water jets streaming from a number of places. Yes, this for the shed without a water source. But, it was cheap and Ed's imagination is flying. Eventually, there will be a free standing shower, with a curtain around it. Not any curtain, mind you. This one will have Ocean photos emblazoned on the fabric.

If that doesn't inspire me to finish the great Wtriting Project, I cannot imagine what would.

We spent many minutes at Menards and then at Home Depot and I have to say, I love shopping at Home Depot because it is the only place in the world where there are more people to help you than you could possibly want.

005 copy


It’s late now. We have a toilet in the back of Ed’s Geo, we have a bid in for a shower head, and we even know where to find a two burner cooktop for very a very small price, in case I decide that I will hibernate in the shed long enough to cook a pot of soup. On the day that I will remember to take a pot there, because, of course, there is no plan to furnish it with pots. Or even spoons. To say nothing of, well, water.