Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Midnight. The yeast is not bubbling. Did I overheat the milk? How many rests does the dough need anyway? If it rests, may I rest too?

Okay. Done. To be baked in the morning. Still need to do the spice cake but, things are half ready.

006 copy

Morning. Sunlight comes in through my wall of windows. Hello, tree. Merry Christmas everyone.

009 copy

I work on the spice cake and once that is in the oven, I put ribbons on packages. We recycle ribbons and so it is a challenge to match sizes cut to packages of ten years ago.

Ah! Breakfast foods are ready.

010 copy

013 copy

Wake up daughters! It’s Christmas!

[P.S. To Ocean commenter: send me an email and I'll forward cake recipe!]