Tuesday, February 03, 2009

cold blast

Very cold. None of this rhapsodizing about winter in Wisconsin. So cold you can’t uncover your head. Or any part of you. (At least they're color coordinated.)

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And yet, after my morning class, I walk down the hill for an espresso. And I feel prickly good about it. And the cup of coffee stays hot, okay warm, all the way back to my office.

Still, it is very very cold.

Though, waiting on the bus stop, at the end of the day, I can’t help but notice the biker. He is actually biking along in that lane reserved for cyclists. Not unusual? Well, pretty unusual, given the temps. And a challenge for the buses: pushed out by snow banks, they have to share the bike lane. And slow down because of our brave man pedaling home.

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So did I mention it's cold? Cold enough that I mind (a little) that I've taken the express bus. I have to backtrack to my condo (the bus doesn't stop at my usual stop).

But, the late sun throws a copper glow onto my condo and really, I can imagine it being spring soon, what with all that sun and the potential that it offers.

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