Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A day of extremes. The warmest February 10th ever. 54 degrees. (Don’t laugh, southerners!)

001 copy

I wore short sleeves to class. Fantastic!

Less fantastic were the minutes I spent on the Net between classes. I track the discussions on the economic stimulus package and the rescue plans with some interest. Before law, before sociology, I was a committed, if not enthusiastic economist. And now I am reeling back into that world (especially since I studied economics in the Poland of early seventies, where we were taught that with time, the free market “capitalist” system would destroy itself due to greed; hmm…).

Enough. I leave my office at midday, for just a minute of that fresh, springlike air.

002 copy

The lake surely remains frozen, but the ice appears wobbly. Indeed, two ice fishermen look like they lost something (someone?) to the Lake Mendota waters. Another man rushes over.

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But, from what I can tell, it’s nothing. Not a rescue at all. A rush without a rescue.

In the meantime, the students stroll, seemingly shedding clothes with each degree that is added to the day.

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And in the evening, the Sussex Spaniel wins the Westminster. A dog that was rescued from near death, the oldest dog to ever win the Show.

What a day! A shame that tomorrow, we return to winter.