Thursday, February 12, 2009

from both sides

Life is complicated. I said as much to a colleague who then remarked: things evolve.

It struck me that for some, things evolve, and for others, things resolve. I have a history of siding with revolution rather than evolution (But, happy birthday dear Darwin anyway…). It comes from an impatient predisposition.

But the comment – things evolve – gave me pause. Maybe it’s time to consider this different approach.

In the meantime, I want to put up two photos – one taken at midday, over an espresso break at the Lake Street cafĂ©, and the other – in the evening, as the sun was almost down. Both are of Lake Monona. Same lake, one in a gray moment, one, patiently delivered, at a later time.

003 copy
Lake Monona: at noon

005 copy
Lake Monona: later