Friday, February 20, 2009


The readings on my new thermometer are typical February material: low twenties. I don’t quite remember why it is that I chose a February week-end to visit my good good friend who lives in a place that is even colder than Madison (St. Paul). Probably I felt that the time between visits had been too long. Why not catch a bus… why not… Oh, to pack a bag and head out the door!

[I do not post youtube links on Ocean; I think it’s too much to expect readers to spend more than a minute here. But, so long as I am, this week, in a Paxton-Seeger nostalgia mood, let me suggest this clip. Something about ramblin' bringing joy, even if it kills you. Admittedly, that's more drama than I'm looking for in my travels, but you get the point.]

And so off I go, and I’m taking Ed with me.

I don’t think Ed has ever been a house guest (in the proper meaning of that term) and I have some (alright, great) trepidation about him fitting in the role wrinkle-free. But then, Ed does not do anything wrinkle-free (he has an iron, but he uses it for melting wax) and one can’t shy away from trying new venues just because they may lead to outcomes that make you blush.

Maybe I should have posted a link to Hop on the Bus, Gus. We’ll be doing that in a few hours. If all goes well, I'll be back tomorrow on Ocean from a spot on the continent that's about as far from an ocean as you can get in this country. And here's to you, my ramblin' boy... It's a catchy little verse.