Friday, April 03, 2009


I’ve tried many approaches to the slow coming of good weather: complain, sulk, ignore, deny, look forward. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

Today, the tactic was to deny and I biked, for the first time, along the Lake Path, pretending it was a reasonable thing to do.

Several comments: It was reasonably pretty.



…but, the dirt segment was dry. That means that I waited longer than last year to begin using the path, because I really remember muddied slushy patches that messed with my first spring bike ride back in Spring 08.

…so I have to conclude that I am getting more fussy (and less adventuresome) about weather.

Which brings me to the point of age. I entered a colleague’s office the other day almost panting after class. Don’t know if it’s animated lecturing that does thispant pant.. or age. Age – he said with a smile.

So, it’s tough to stay animated when you pass 55 and it’s colder along the Lake Path and weather occupies your sensibilities (and therefore your blog) more than you would like.


Not all feel this way. This dude is happy to sit tight, winds and cold air notwithstanding, as ducks swim by.


On the up side – like so many hobby growers this year, Ed and I are (for the first time for us), rushing the planting season by sowing seeds into little peat cups.

Mine are doing okay. I think. No?