Thursday, April 23, 2009

up and away

After class today, I fly to Detroit. Then DC. Then Paris. Then Warsaw. It’s the best sequence I could put together, given the circumstances.

Last night, Ed and I watched Vicky Christina Barcelona. Five minutes into it, he said – I’ve seen this! I remember now – we both saw it. On the airplane. The last flight back from Europe. And then -- Remind me again why you’re not going to Poland with me?

Ed rolls his eyes. The idea of spending so much time getting to Europe just does not appeal to him. Not for a week-end anyway.

I wonder what movies I’ll have on my flight over...
Can you check ahead of time?
I wouldn’t want to. You have to create some pleasurable anticipation for the travel time: the moment of lifting the AV program out of the seat pocket as you settle in, looking at the dinner menu choices, and hours later -- lifting the shade and spotting the shores of Great Britain, and finally -- seeing the narrow and irregular farm fields just on the outskirts of Warsaw.

The weather is cooperating. I’m hoping to make all my connections.

Next post should be from Poland.