Monday, May 18, 2009

in transit, continued

Waiting between flights now, thinking how very perfect the month of May is. In Madison it can be a notch on the cool side, but the vivacious colors and robust greens (as opposed to the tired greens of August) more than make up for this. And, it's too early for mosquitoes in May. How very wonderful!

The trouble is that this same perfection extends to the other side of the ocean as well. Landing in Paris, I am always enchanted with the color of the fields, the feeling of energy outside, the crispness of the foliage. No one is on vacation yet (even as May here is full of long holiday week-ends) and so you can blend into the stream of daily life -- something that's not possible in the summer as you elbow your way through crowded cities (crowded with visitors like yourself) and even more crowded south-bound highways and trains.

So it is with great joy that this year I got to split my May between the States and Europe. And now I am just about to embark on this second half, over here -- with the hope of good weather and many many good walks.

But I have one flight still to go. And a daughter next to me for the week. I'll post once we get settled in at our final destination, just a little southeast of here.