Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Plan: Michigan

I’m setting out tonight. Right after work. With a reluctant Ed along.

The man claims his spirit is crushed because The Plan calls for one night (tonight) in a cheap motel. He had hoped for a royal flush of four nights under a tent. But I think he’s apprehensive about the entire itinerary. I’m trampling through sentimental terrain this week-end. Ed would tell you that I’m plenty emotional already. No need to stoke the fire there.

The Plan includes reaching Escanaba, Michigan by midnight (that’s at the western end of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for those Ocean readers who think the Midwest includes only Kansas, Chicago and Detroit). Eventually, by the end of the week-end, we’ll have circumnavigated the entire Lake Michigan.

I should have Internet access on all days but Sunday. That’s The Plan.