Saturday, August 01, 2009

daughter day


I am biking home, maybe around 6 p.m., and I am going over what if details: what if the crash resulted in a serious hurt? What if I need help getting her up and running again? At least enough to get home? [An unfortunate tumble toward the end of a long biking excursion resulted in me now pedaling back with an extra bike at my side, while the former occupant of the bike nursed bruises from the fall.]

But this was not the essential part of the day. August 1st is my daughter's birthday and this year, both daughter and birthday happen to land in Wisconsin. (She was not the one who took a tumble; it was her sister.)

I can hardly keep my eyes open in the last seconds of this day but I want to say this much: birthdays can be extraordinary. They only bring out the best. If only you catch them in the nick of time.


I'm also thinking how it's good to take things slowly, deliberately, without losing the sense of adventure. And should the road force you into the gutter, it's not too hard to get up and wipe the grit off your face.

Happiest birthday, older one! And heal quickly, little sister!